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Friday, February 15, 2013

Doctor of the Week!

Scott A. Smith, MD is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and is sub-specialty certified in sports medicine. He has a special interest in comprehensive arthritis management, the care of fractures, and osteoporosis. Dr. Smith is distinguished as a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Read Dr. Smith's sports medicine statement below to learn more about his sports medicine practice.

Many physicians consider themselves sports medicine providers. I’m not sure what
makes someone a sports medicine doctor. I have a Certificate of Added Qualification in
Sports Medicine from the American Board of Orthopedics Surgery to prove I am a sports
medicine doctor, but I don’t think it’s the certificate that makes me a sports doc.
Since I began practicing in Austin in 1996, I have crafted my practice toward athletes and
active individuals. I still practice general orthopedics and will see just about any ache or
pain, but I have focused my advanced studies on athletic injuries of the knee, shoulder,
and hip. Since I began practicing, I have performed more than 2000 arthroscopic
surgeries. This experience is invaluable. Every case teaches me something that I can use
in my next operation.

Experience cannot be learned from textbooks or classes. In addition to my operative
experience, I spend a significant amount of time on the sidelines. In 2008, I attended
more than 200 sporting events. I’m the team physician for the Austin Toros and the
McNeil Mavericks. I coach select baseball and basketball and I attend many high school
football, volleyball, basketball, and baseball games. I love athletes and sports at all levels.
My experiences on the field of play allow me to taper treatment to maximize recovery
and return to sports. I know what a sore shoulder feels like, as I often throw 400 pitches
for batting practice. I’ve run the Capital 10K seven times and the 2004 Motorola Half
Marathon. I play recreational basketball, tennis and golf. I love to snow and water ski and
have even been upright on a wakeboard (not for long).

In summary, I can’t exactly define what makes a sports medicine healthcare provider. If
understanding the “it” factor inherent in athletes and being in the action are factors, my
practice and life experiences qualify.

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