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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doctor of the Week!

Joel Hurt, MD is our Doctor of the Week! Dr. Hurt is board certified in orthopedic surgery and fellowship trained in all aspects of arthroscopy and sports medicine.

Dr. Hurt's philosophy is patient-centered. He takes great care to address all of a patient's questions, to spend adequate time with each one and to treat each patient with respect as an individual rather than as a file number. A patient entrusts their body to a surgeon and therefore has a right to have the diagnosis and treatment plan explained in terms he or she can understand. The patient and physician can then determine the right course given his/her unique circumstances and goals. Finally, the end result of any treatment, and especially surgery, is judged primarily by the patient's satisfaction. A "great surgery" that does not address the patient's complaints is not a success.

Dr. Hurt is proficient in all areas of general orthopedics. This includes common hand surgery, total knee and hip replacement and general trauma. His specialized training is primarily in knee and shoulder surgery, including shoulder replacements. Above everything however, Dr. Hurt is most passionate about PRE-joint replacement options or joint preservation surgery. This involves a myriad of techniques which all revolve around the concept of keeping or restoring back to normal as much of the "original equipment" as possible.

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