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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How a Foam Roller can Relieve Pain after Exercise

Did you happen to run the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon® over Valentine’s Day weekend? If you did, chances are some of you may be a little sore from the extra you put on your muscles. And even if you aren’t a marathon runner, any type of strenuous exercise can leave your body feeling tense. One of the best ways to stretch out your muscles after a workout is to use a foam roller. A foam roller is an inexpensive solution for improving your range of motion and flexibility while relieving pain and soreness.
Where to Use a Foam Roller
Using a foam roller is basically like giving yourself a deep tissue massage. You simply roll it across a muscle and apply pressure to target any knots or trigger points. Because your body weight is what creates the pressure, you can raise or lower yourself using your hands and feet to control the amount.
Texas Orthopedics’ physical therapist, Avery Rademacher was the guest speaker at Silicon Labs for a foam roller demonstration. She showed employees 8 different ways a foam roller can be used.
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