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Monday, March 10, 2014

Texas Orthopedics Educates Local Healthcare Professionals about Orthopedics in the Primary Care Setting

In a joint sponsorship with the Texas Academy of Family Physicians, Texas Orthopedics conducted a CME seminar about orthopedic care in the primary care setting. It’s another way our practice illustrates our commitment to quality care for Central Texans by educating family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine and other healthcare professionals.

Dr. David Savage, Dr. Kenneth Bunch, Derrick Campbell, PT and Laura Vielma, PT, CHT participated in the hands-on seminar and provided valuable information about ordering physical therapy for the primary care physician, conducting hip exams with a musculoskeletal focus, management of low back pain in the primary care setting and a hands-on cadaver lab.

By the end of the program, attendees were better able to:

·         Evaluate patients with acute and chronic low back pain, including history and physical exam.
·         List current evidence-based recommendations for the diagnostic work-up and treatment of low back pain.
·         Perform the basic exam for patients with hip pain.
·         Understanding the clinical features of pain that help indicate source: axial skeleton vs hip joint proper.
·          Identify when normal plain films may not rule out significant pathology in patients with hip pain.
·         Identify when to order physical therapy (PT) vs refer to orthopedic surgeon for common musculoskeletal injuries
·         Understand the role of PT in treatment of low back pain.
·         Understand the role of PT in treatment of common hand and upper extremity conditions.

Texas Orthopedics conducts CME programs three times a year.

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