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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yoga for Football Players? A Great Yet Unconventional Training Tool

Dumbbell bench press; running stadium stairs; Russian twists; and... downward facing dog? These are all training exercises that football players use, including yoga. Why are they doing the ancient Indian practice? Experts say players can get some extra benefits that traditional training tools just don't offer. Yoga is known to improve mental focus, relieve chronic pain, improve balance and flexibility, and strengthen the body's core.

All over the country, professional football players are turning to yoga as an unconventional training tool. In fact, some people credit the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl win to practicing yoga. Former UT football star Ricky Williams does yoga, and he even taught a class last year at DKR Memorial Stadium for some special participants.

So whether you're a football player or just looking for a new workout, it might be time to ditch the gym, grab a mat, and head to the nearest yoga studio!

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