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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Weather Exercise... It Does a Body Good

When the temperature dips, it's hard to get motivated to leave the house and head to the gym. But did you know that the current 'brr' factor outside can give your workout a major boost?

Before resigning yourself to winter workouts in a stuffy gym, check out the benefits of exercising outside in these cooler temps (courtesy of Everyday Health). 

  • Shedding more calories: The body has to work harder to regulate its core temperature in colder weather, so right away you are getting an extra calorie burn in addition to your actual exercise.
  • Strengthening your heart: Your heart has to keep up with your body working harder to stay warm by pumping more blood and this gives your heart its own significant workout. Getting your heart rate up is important developing cardiovascular endurance. 
  • Building up tolerance to different elements: The cold weather can be biting, but it is a good practice for your body to be exposed to different temperatures. In Central Texas, we are so accustomed to the heat, so when the weather is cooler, change things up a bit and head outside so your body can work on adapting to other climates.
  • Getting your daily D: Winter sun delivers the same healthy benefits of vitamin D as summer sun. So enjoy the rays outside, but don't forget your sunscreen.
  • Feeling happier and more energized: Exercising in crisp, cool weather had actually been proven to put you in a better mood. With your body working harder to stay warm, the amount of endorphins produced also increases, leaving you with a sense of happiness and lightness rately associated warmer, humid weather.
As you head outside to savor this winter weather, remember to always dress warmly and stretch before and after your activities.

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