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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Keeping Kids Active

As adults, we make New Year's resolutions to be more active and fit. But what about our kiddos? They may not make resolutions at their young age, but it is important for them to be active too. Kids who are physically active are less likely to get sick, and learning early on that exercise is a vital part of a healthy life is a great sentiment to carry into adulthood.

Here are some easy ways to help keep your kids active and moving (adapted from Stop Sports Injuries).
  1. Play in the backyard: Run around. Play tag, soccer, or hide and seek. Visit your neighborhood park or school playground together as a family.
  2. Find an after-school activity: Help your child choose a physical activity that interest them. Dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and even yoga for kids are great ways to strengthen bones and build muscles. Being part of a class or team also allows your child to socialize with friends or make some new ones while exercising. 
  3. Walk or ride bikes to school: Encourage your child to walk to school once in a while, or ride their bike. If that's not possible, take family walks or bike rides together in the evenings or on weekends. 
  4. Schedule an activity: People are so busy these days. Sometimes you need to actually put something down on your calendar to make it happen. Sign them up for a kids' marathon or family fun run. Or set a specific goal with an end date, like riding a bike without training wheels. Help your child to achieve it, and you can work out alongside them while doing so.

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