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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Texas Orthopedics Celebrates Occupational Therapy Month

Occupational therapists touch so many people's lives, young and old alike. Their work is nothing short of miraculous. For this reason, Texas Orthopedics recognizes Occupational Therapy Month and the countless dedicated therapists who assist our patients throughout Central Texas.

Occupational Therapy Month is organized by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and is celebrated annually each April. AOTA currently has more than 50,000 members nationwide, including practicing therapists, and instructors and students of occupational therapy.
Occupational therapists take on a holistic approach while working alongside doctors, and other medical staff, to evaluate and treat those in need of physical, and sometimes mental, assistance. A common goal of OT (occupational therapy) is to help someone live better or more independently despite the challenges of an injury, illness, or disability.

Typical patients of OT might include a child with disabilities looking to become fully integrated at school, someone who has overcome a serious illness or injury needing to regain basic skills, or an adult facing physical and cognitive changes as they age.

So much of what occupational therapists are trained to do is rooted in medicine and science, but so much more of what they do stems from the heart.

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