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Monday, September 19, 2016

Dislocating Your Shoulder & How to Avoid It

Friday night lights are here, and with that we're seeing lots of athletes with dislocated shoulders. This can come from taking a tough tackle, or unrelated to football -- an unexpected fall crashing hard onto your side. However, you got's downright painful!

Here's why: as the top of your arm bone pops out of the socket, swelling typically sets in right away, followed by pain and a limp, dangling sensation. Ouch!

Immediate treatment is often needed to get the bone put back into place, and in some situations, arthroscopic surgery may be required to tighten the tendons surrounding the shoulder/joint.

While the idea of surgery may not be your first choice, don't shrug it off so fast.

Recent research presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) Annual Meeting, showed that surgery after a first-time shoulder dislocation decreased the risk of it happening again compared with non-surgical treatment.

The study assessed 121 patients, ages 16-30 years, at an average of 51 months post surgery. Following surgery to repair the dislocation, the subsequent rate of re-injury intros who had it was 29% compared with 62% for those who opted out.

To discuss options for surgery as a preventative measure for recurring shoulder dislocation, please contact us for an appointment.

(Adapted from AOSSM)

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