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Monday, March 20, 2017

Basketball Injuries

Basketball lovers rejoice when the month of March comes around…with the NCAA’s March Madness tournament as the highlight of the year for many frenzied fans. What’s not a highlight though is when one of your favorite players get sidelined with a serious injury.
Stress fractures are unfortunately the most common injury in basketball, and can keep a player on the bench for a few weeks, the entire season, or in extreme cases, indefinitely.  
We frequently see many young athletes, and adult recreational league players, at Texas Orthopedics who are suffering from stress fractures.
These fractures that develop over time, similar to an overuse injury, are worsened by the constant high-impact jumping and pivoting on a hard court.  The most affected areas are the lower extremities including the leg, knee, ankle, and toes. A common symptom of stress fractures is a constant aching pain that can range from dull to shooting.
You can help prevent stress fractures even if you regularly shoot hoops by the following:
  • Ensuring that shoes fit properly.
  • Taking time to warm up before each practice and game, and taking time off to rest in between games.  
  • Learning correct landing techniques to combat the pressures of non-stop leaping and jumping.
  • Fueling up with adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones.
Stress fractures are diagnosed by a simple X-ray. Treatment prescribed typically involves rest, and lots of it. Occasionally, surgery may be necessary to repair the fractured bone.

Contact us for an appointment if you are suffering from any pain that matches these signs of a stress fracture. 

(Adapted from STOP Sports Injuries)
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