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Friday, June 30, 2017

Rehab for Your Wrist

It’s all in the wrist, so the saying goes. Our wrists are a highly-functioning part of the body and essential for so many common tasks like writing, typing, eating, dressing, and driving.

They also support our entire bodies and are the foundation for a good grip when exercising in the gym. If your wrist gives out though, or you suffer from common pain as a result of your workout, what can you do?

Long-held planks, repetitive push-ups, and things like bench presses put a lot of pressure on the wrist joint and may cause painful tendonitis, or a more serious injury like a  break or fracture.

Make sure you have proper form when doing an exercise that involves weight bearing down on your wrist, and also consider wearing a supportive wrist guard or athletic tape to absorb some of the pressure. 

If your wrist is sore following a workout, check out these few ways to help soothe the pain:
  • Apply ice to wrists to ease swelling.
  • Massage wrists and forearm muscles, just above the wrists.
  • Perform a few quick flexing stretches of the wrist and forearm to release tension: bend the wrist up while keeping the arm and elbow straight, hold for a few seconds, then reverse the motion by bending them down.  
  • Roll, squeeze, or spread silly putty through your fingers as sort of a cool-down to relax the wrist muscles, or lightly squeeze a stress or tennis ball for a few minutes.
  • Take an anti-inflammatory over-the-counter pain reliever as needed.
Please contact us for an appointment if your wrist pain is sharp or severe or lasts more than two weeks.

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