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Monday, December 11, 2017

Is your housework hurting you?

You're about to have a house full of guests for the holidays, so everything has to be spotless, right? But experts warn house cleaning could pose some potential dangers, including falls from step ladders while dusting hard-to-reach spots, slipping on wet floors after mopping, and back strains from strenuous vacuuming or incorrectly lifting heavy equipment.

These things can result in some serious injuries such as:

Here are a few simple tips to keep safe while tidying up:
  • Warm up just as you would before any workout. Do a few back stretches and neck rolls before setting out to sweep or vacuum your entire home.
  • Keep a set of cleaning supplies both upstairs and down to avoid lugging them back and forth.
  • Invest in products that offer reachability, like extender wands, to help you tackle high-up spots.
  • Always practice correct ladder safety when climbing up (on a ladder or step stool) to clean something.
  • Try alternating sides when vacuuming, and switch it up between right and left arms for each room.
The noxious fumes from some cleaning products--especially those that are ammonia or bleach-based--can be dangerous too.

Make sure to open a window or turn on the AC when cleaning for good ventilation, and never mix two products together. Consider some green alternatives like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda mixed with warm water, or one of the many certified "green" or "eco-friendly" solutions on the market these days.

And if you do feel you've pulled something, or suffered an injury while cleaning, please contact us for an appointment.

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