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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Does a Large Bust Size Cause Back Pain?

Millions of women suffer from back and shoulder pain. Could the cause be larger breasts?

While your back and shoulder pain could be attributed to a larger bust size, it's more likely that there is another underlying cause. Here are three possible sources for your pain.

Extra Pounds
Is your larger bust size a cause of being overweight? Extra body weight can cause stress to your body including your back and shoulders. Try incorporating exercise into your daily routine such as back stretches and core strength training to alleviate the pain.

Chronic Poor Posture
Being hunched over at your computer or phone all day is bad news for your back and shoulders and may be a main source of your pain. And the weight of your breasts may be exacerbating the stress on your back. What can you do? Don't stay seated for long periods of time. Take frequent short breaks to get up and walk around.


Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease among older women. As osteoporosis progresses, you may experience bone tenderness or pain, particularly in your neck or lower back. Risk factors include a family history of the disease, poor diet lacking in calcium, smoking, being inactive, certain medications, and lower body weight. If you think you might be at risk, make an appointment with a doctor.

If you're still experiencing pain, consult with a doctor to find out about your options.

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