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Monday, October 13, 2014

Is Your Purse Weighing You Down? 3 Tips to Relieve Your Pain

In a previous blog post, we discussed aches and pains caused by kids' heavy backpacks. But, did you know that your purse can also be a culprit for shoulder and back pain?

All those "essential" items you have stored in your purse - keys, wallet, phone, make-up, receipts, snacks, glasses, etc - are weighing you down in a bad way.

The combination of extra weight and how your purse is carried can lead to all kinds of problems, including stiff muscles, back pain, arthritis, headaches, asymmetrical muscles, or nerve trauma. To combat this "purse pain", here are 3 quick tips that will help.
  1. Switch things up
    Not only is it a good idea to switch up how you carry your purse, it's a fantastic excuse to go buy some new ones! Keep a small clutch for quick errands, a light handbag for going out, and a cross-body purse for all day use. Make sure you switch up how you're carrying each bag to lighten the load. 
  2. Empty it out
    You don't need three bottles of lotion. Make a point to empty out the contents of your purse and go through them more often so that you only keep essentials - and not 10 used gift cards.
  3. Get rid of key chains
    Just because your third cousin on your mother's side bought you a key chain does not mean you need to have it on your person every day. The best thing for your purse (and your car too!) is to rid of all the key chains and just carry what's absolutely necessary.

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