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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Attention Weekend Warriors: Proceed with Caution

Are you a "weekend warrior" in terms of your workout routine? Meaning do you save up all your energy and aggression from the work week and head to the gym just on weekends? If you are sedentary for the majority of the week, but then really go all out at the end of the week, you could put yourself at risk for several common sports injuries.

This inconsistency in your workout could lead to:
The most common of these injuries are the sprains and strains.

Many injuries result from not being properly conditioned or warmed up enough before starting physical activity. By adding a workout or two during the week, using those same muscles you plan to engage later on, you will better prepare your body for what lies ahead during your more intense weekend routine. Simple stretches to warm up and get the blood flowing to your muscles can also help protect you from injury.

Learning to recognize when you have reached your limit or are fatigued is important too. You may think that working out longer and harder is a good thing, but shorter, more regular exercise throughout the week tends to be more beneficial.

If you are suffering form any of these injuries, remember to use the PRICE method of treatment:
  • P - protect from further injury (appropriate braces or bandages) 
  • R - restrict activity
  • I - apply ice
  • C -  apply compression
  • E - elevate the injured area
For ongoing pain that is not alleviated by this treatment and/or over-the-counter pain medication, contact us.

(Adapted from WebMD)

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