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Monday, July 6, 2015

Misdiagnosis of Teen Hip Injuries

We're starting to see a spike in hip injuries among teens. Hip issues are commonly associated with senior patients, but they also strike fit and athletic young adults. Frequently mistaken for a pulled muscle or groin, hip impingement is a common condition cropping up among teens.

Hip impingement can be downright painful - it may feel like a throbbing, pounding, or pulled sensation in the upper thigh or groin area. Teenagers who play high-impact sports, such as soccer, basketball, and track and field, often think they're suffering from a pulled muscle... and so do the doctors. And sad to say, many patients live with this pain, and go on multiple doctor visits, for several months before getting the right diagnosis.

Hip impingement happens when either the socket or ball of the hip joint gets worn down, preventing smooth movement within the joint. This grinding action of the joint is what creates pain in the surrounding muscles and tissue.

When kids are young and active, and their bones not quite fully formed, repetitive motions like jumping and running in sports can cause the hip joint's ball and socket to lose their shape easily.

If not treated properly, hip impingement can lead to early onset arthritis. In some cases, arthroscopic surgery may be necessary to correct the shape and functioning of the joint. This type of surgery involves a very small incision and tiny instruments with a short hospital stay and minimal recovery time, especially for young and healthy teens.

If your teenager is experiencing this pulled muscle sensation in the hip or groin area, contact us to make sure it's not a hip impingement.

(Courtesy of Houston Methodist Hospital)

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