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Monday, October 31, 2016

Texas Orthopedics Helps Out Haiti

Texas Orthopedics has a long-standing and special relationship with the island nation of Haiti. Following the disastrous earthquake in 2010, our practice made multiple trips and sent countless staff there to help with humanitarian efforts—delivering medical supplies, setting up clinics, performing procedures, donating prostheses, and offering assistance in any way that we could.

Six years ago, our partnership started with a great organization called the Mission of Hope Haiti. 

And we are proud to help our Haitian friends once again, following the recent, devastating fallout from Hurricane Matthew in early October.

Our physicians and surgery center just purchased nearly $9,000 worth of medications and supplies to donate to relief efforts once again via the Mission of Hope Haiti. Everything from pain medication and antibiotics to IV bags and suture kits were included in this past shipment.

We are also so proud to have many individual Texas Orthopedics staff members who regularly travel to Haiti selflessly to offer medical assistance. Currently, as a practice, we are helping to build a much-needed hospital on property owned by the Mission of Hope Haiti.

To learn more about the special work being done by this organization, please visit

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