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Monday, December 5, 2016

Dancer's Injuries

From the tiniest ballerina to the most senior troupe or company girl “on pointe,” many dancers dream of playing a part in the family favorite and holiday tradition that is the Nutcracker Ballet.
But it’s not all gumdrops and sugar plum fairies. In fact, dancing can be downright painful.
Dancers are at risk for a number of injuries, not unlike the common sports variety that we treat daily here at Texas Orthopedics. Similar to athletes, dancers must perform incredible tasks with muscular strength and flexibility, all while projecting an image of effortlessness and grace.
The many hours of rehearsals, coupled with the repetitive and high-impact leaping and landing on the hard stage surface can really do damage to a dancer’s body. Common dancer’s injuries we frequently see include:
If you have a dancer, whether a toddler or teenager, participating in a holiday show this season, here are some tips to help them avoid injury:
  • Wear properly fitting shoes and costumes
  • Pay close attention to the correct technique and form
  • Do plenty of warm-up and cool-down exercises before and after each rehearsal or performance
  • Know their body’s limits, and recognize when they are tired and need a break
  • Never, ever dance through the pain of an injury
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat healthfully during this busy time
If your dancer has suffered a fall, or has extreme pain or swelling of any kind, seek medical help immediately. If he or she experiences a nagging pain that does not subside after a few days of rest and over-the-counter pain medication, please contact us for an appointment.
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