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Monday, July 10, 2017

How Walking Outdoors is a Win

New research shows that a long walk, especially outdoors in nature, benefits both your body and brain.
Walking outside has long been proven to better your mood and reduce anxiety. Scientists in Austria set out to discover if the benefits of walking outside (or actively engaging in something pleasurable over a long period of time) could rival those produced during a more intense workout in the gym.
The study conducted by the University of Innsbruck in Austria evaluated 40 men and women who were asked to complete a series of gym workouts along with long mountain hikes outside. 
Here's what they found:
  • Being outside compared with inside a gym led to a mental boost for nearly all participants.
  • Participants were willing to walk farther and at a brisker pace (thereby leading to an increased heart rate and more cardiovascular benefits) than originally directed because they were enjoying themselves.
  • When exercising in the gym, there were more concerns with time constraints and questions about how long until the assigned workout would be over.
  • Almost all participants reported that the gym workout was more strenuous than the mountain hike, although in actuality, the hike was more demanding on the body because of the terrain incline and high altitude. But because it was more enjoyable, it was perceived as easier.
Bottom line? There is great benefit, both mentally and physically, in doing something that you love for exercise.   

If you love the gym, that's great, but if walking is more your speed, then keep it up! 

And getting outside in the fresh air and nature for a few minutes each day can be a boost for everyone.    

(Adapted from The New York Times-Health)

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