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Friday, October 27, 2017

Dr. Tyler Goldberg in Honduras

Dr. Tyler Goldberg and twenty-one other healthcare professionals recently traveled to Honduras with One World Surgery on a humanitarian trip. While there, they faced a logistical nightmare as they dealt with the effects of one of the most devastating hurricanes in U.S. history—Hurricane Harvey.

Not wanting to disappoint the many patients awaiting joint replacement surgery at the Holy Family Surgery Center there, the group changed course and rerouted their original travel through Miami instead of storm-ravaged Houston to arrive in the tiny Central American country.

It took a great deal of coordination and perseverance to get there, Dr. Goldberg told a reporter from Becker’s ASC Review.   

“Coordination is key when performing a short-term mission trip,” said Dr. Goldberg. “No one person can do this alone."

Due to the impending arrival of yet another hurricane (this time Irma) and once again fraught travel scenarios, the team had just three days to complete 20 surgeries before having to return home.

In all, 15 total knee replacements were performed as well as five total hip replacements--a phenomenal feat given the short amount of time.

Dr. Goldberg commented that the patients in Honduras were so grateful for their generous medical assistance that it was an absolute pleasure to care for them despite the challenging circumstances.

You can read the entire article about Dr. Goldberg and his team right here.  

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