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Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Safety

As you head out for tricks and treats with your little goblins, be aware of some potentially scary stuff on Halloween night. And we don’t mean the black cats and haunted houses…
The National Safety Council claims Halloween night is one of the most dangerous of the year—warning that kids are more than twice as likely to be hit (and killed!) by a car on Halloween more so than any other day.
In addition to pedestrian/automobile accidents, Halloween creates the perfect storm for many other common injuries. Being out at dark (even dusk) and running around excitedly from house to house can lead to trips, falls and:
Here are some tips to help your little ones stay safe while trick-or-treating:
  • Make sure costumes don’t restrict movement or vision and aren’t too long or dragging on the ground
  • Map out your route beforehand and stay on streets that are well-lit
  • Bring along flashlights, glow-sticks and even reflective gear to make your presence known
  • Stay on sidewalks or defined paths and watch vigilantly for cars while crossing streets
  • Never allow kids to eat already opened or unpackaged treats
  • Teach kids to never enter a person’s home when ringing the doorbell, no matter how friendly they are
 For older children and teens:
  • Educate them about the dangerous consequences of getting in the car with someone who has been drinking on this night – or any night
  • Establish a firm time for them to be home
  • Alert them to the hazards of walking in the dark while talking or texting at the same time--a seemingly innocent and common occurrence that could potentially lead to a serious accident
Have a safe and happy Halloween from Texas Orthopedics!
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(Courtesy of the National Safety Council)

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