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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2/28/10 - Team 6, Day 1

Update from Brad Parker, MD:

Internet has been down. First and mainly to let all the loved ones know everyone is doing great, no issues at present.

Quick Notes:
-uneventful day
-4-5 OR cases scheduled tomorrow-General wasn't aware there was another OR team coming this week so some pts got sent home. They plan to do more PR to get these pts to MOH this week.

Update from Dave Bryant, MD:

The greatest part of our long day of traveling was the flight from Miami to Haiti. On board was a native Haitian, King Wa Wa, that was returning home after being in the states for 10 years. He so happens to be a fantastic musician and had the whole plane singing as he played in the aisle! Unreal! Once we arrived in Haiti we hit the ground running. The Canadian nurses worked all night in the ward and this morning we began sorting through the supplies that people have so generously donated. We explored where all the supplies are kept and are ready to begin bright and early tomorrow morning. Dr. Parker got to travel on Haiti 1, our ambulance, with Pauline and Rick, our medics. We have our first case lined up for the morning but when he found out he was coming here to have surgery he turned up missing. So…an I & D of a thigh abscess that came from General will be our first case tomorrow and several more are set to come. It has been very hot today, lots of water and lots of sweat. I think we might have even gotten a sun burn. Haiti is beautiful. The people are beautiful and loving and most importantly grateful. We are surrounded by mountains and you can see the ocean from the mission. The resiliency of the Haitian people is amazing considering the stories we have heard just from the people here at the mission. Eric arrived today from Miami. We are so grateful to finally have the whole team together. Some of our team went into the city today and told us about the chaos of the living conditions. The streets are lined with tent cities and the roads are clogged with everything you can imagine. We just finished up with mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner and the mosquitoes are out. You better believe we have gotten an ear full from the Canadians about their team winning. We are all looking forward to tomorrow and hope all is well there.
Picture: Kristen, King Wa Wa, and Heidi

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