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Monday, March 22, 2010

3/21/10 - Team 9, Day 1

Update from Sheryl Lucier, PA:

Good evening from Team 9 MOH Haiti. We arrived late today, after getting in to San Juan at 3am!! But we were so glad to be at the mission. Lindsey gave us the tour of the compound at 3pm, so we are hoping for a good night sleep so we are ready for a busy clinic tomorrow. There seem to be an abundance of supplies….but a lot of organizing, inventorying needs to be done. There is no formulary, so we will just have to ask tomorrow to see what is available. There is a very small group here this week compared to past weeks…but more will arrive during the week.

The city of POP is much less congested as compared to before the earthquake, due to so many deaths, and people leaving the city to live in tents because they lost their homes or they are afraid to be inside them, or because that is where the food comes.

On Sunday afternoon the children from Hope House come to the guest compound to play ….so there are many children around tonight.

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