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Sunday, March 21, 2010

3/21/10 - Team 9 is on the ground!

Team 9 marks a transition in Mission of Hope post-earthquake medical care. Going forward, our operative weeks will occur once per month, followed by a week of recovery for inpatient care and finishing the month with a focus on primary care and community health.

Team 9 volunteers arriving in Haiti include:
ER physician: Ashley Kumar, MD (Austin-Dell Children's)
Physician Assistant: Sheryl Lucier, PA (Georgetown-Dermatology)
Ann Parsons, RN (San Antonio-Home health)
Dawn Hallock, RN (Virginia-ER nurse)
Helen Day, PT (UK-coming with Mercy Ships)
Nicky Chovaz, paramedic (Canada-Halton Medics)
Dave Ryckman, paramedic (Canada-Halton Medics)

They are joined by Team 8 team members who are staying on at Mission of Hope for another week:
Nathalie Fiset, MD (Canada)
Bridget Russell, RN (Austin-St. David's NICU)

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