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Monday, March 9, 2015

Cheers For Area Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are sometimes referred to as the "unsung heroes" in sports. They work as hard as any athlete or coach, attend every practice and game, and almost never get any recognition or applause following a big win.

As March is National Athletic Training Month, Texas Orthopedics salutes the staff and student trainers at all the Austin-area schools.

Texas Orthopedics supports and works closely with many of the area high schools including: Austin High School, Bowie High School, St. Andrews Episcopal School, Westwood High School, McNeil High School, Cedar Park High School, and Vandegrift High School.

The official role of an athletic trainer is to assist the medical professionals who specialize in the prevention of emergency care, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.

Unofficially, their jobs may involve assisting players by taping or bandaging minor bumps and bruises, administering heat or ice therapy, or helping to stretch before and after a game. Trainers are often in the locker room or on the field long before and after a game. They shed their own blood, sweat, and tears right alongside the athletes they care for. 

Certified athletic trainers have earned degrees from accredited athletic training curriculum. Essential subject areas include injury/illness prevention, first aid and emergency care, assessment of injury/illness, human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic modalities, and nutrition. According to the National Athletic Trainers' Association, more than 70 percent of certified athletic trainers hold at least a master's degree.

Many specialists at Texas Orthopedics have personal experience both playing and coaching a variety of sports, and we are thrilled to honor the trainers dedicated to our local student athletes.

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