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Monday, August 10, 2015

Dr. Tyler Goldberg, Jard Bush, PA-C, Gives Back Through Haiti Medical Mission Trips

Dr. Tyler Goldberg
and Jared Bush, PA-C, recently traveled to Haiti on separate medical mission trips.

Dr. Goldberg went with My Life Speaks, a nonprofit organization that provides community in Neply, Haiti through orphan care and prevention, education and public health. Dr. Goldberg's wife and daughter accompanied him on his second trip to Haiti.

He visited with a Haitian pediatric orthopedist and discussed complex patient cases, helped develop care plans and set broken bones for local residents.

Physician assistant, Jared Bush, went to Haiti with Mission of Hope and River Rock Bile Church. Jared worked with the Clinic of Hope, a division of Mission of Hope, which currently consists of a fully operational outpatient clinic, mobile clinic, prosthesis lab, and a community health program. It's currently expanding into a hospital focused on emergency care and maternal health. Jared served alongside Haitian physicians and medical students. This is Jared's second trip to Haiti.

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