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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Freescale Employees Receive Sports Injury Tips from Dr. McDonald

Nearly 120 Freescale employees attended online and in person for a special presentation from Texas Orthopedics' Dr. John McDonald on common sports injuries.

Dr. McDonald was invited by the Austin, Texas-based semiconductor company to discuss injuries that often occur among active adults, from weekend warriors to elite athletes.

In addition to reviewing why sports injuries commonly occur and where on the body they are most frequent (the answer is the knee), Dr. McDonald touched on prevention strategies.

While the potential for injuries often increases with age, explained Dr. McDonald, listening to your body stretching, increasing strength training and incrementally adding activity (versus jumping in and out of intense routines) are several examples for reducing your chance of injury.

Most importantly, if any pain persists, don't be afraid to call the doctor.

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