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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Giving Back to Children in Need: Children's Advocacy Center

Texas Orthopedics has a long tradition of giving back to the community. Children's causes have always been dear to our hearts, especially during the holidays. Along with our standing commitment to Partnerships for Children, we are proud to announce a new relationship with the Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center.

This year we are collecting toys, clothes and other necessities for families aided by the organization.

The Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center offers a child friendly, safe place to disclose child abuse while reducing the emotional trauma for children and non-offending family members. The group is a member of the larger family of Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas, an association representing all local children's advocacy centers throughout the state.

We are proud to have such a generous staff who believes whole-heartedly in the importance of giving back, not just during the holidays, but all year long.

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