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Monday, March 7, 2016

Dr. Bergin on KVUE-TV: Why Women Should S.L.A.M.

Dr. Bergin and one of her patients was recently featured on KVUE-TV about S.L.A.M., a concept she developed based on a very real problem she has noticed in three decades of practicing medicine. It stands for 'Sit Like a Man'.
About 90 percent of her patients with pain under their knee caps for along the outside of their hips are women, including Cherie Hall.
Hall told KVUE, "The pain was so excruciating, so bad that I almost feel like I am tired of living," she said. "It was here, all the way into the lower back and hamstring."
Dr. Bergin explained how the 'lady-like' way of sitting can wreak havoc on some women. But most importantly, she demonstrated how you can S.L.A.M. to avoid these aches and pains.
Click here to see the entire story.

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