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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Statesman Cap10K and Race Tips

The 39th Statesman Cap10K is this Sunday, April 10. Whether this is your first race, or fortieth, here are a few friendly reminders for a safe and smooth run.

Check the weather.

While recent mornings have been chilly, the Central Texas sun heats things up pretty quickly. Make sure you know what sort of temps to expect beforehand on race day, and dress accordingly.

Drink early, and drink often.

Drink up several days in advance of the race to hydrate. Alternate between plain water and sports drinks with added electrolytes and avoid alcohol and caffeine which both can be dehydrating.

Dress right.

Wear clothing that's light in color, comfortable, and has vents or mesh. Garments made from wicking fabrics are a good choice. Don't wear any new things, especially socks or shoes not already comfy and broken-in. And don't forget a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for protection from the bright rays.

Pace yourself.

Start slower than planned or practiced to allow yourself adjustment to the crowds and the course. You can make up the time down the road. Run by your perceived effort rather than mile splits, and keep your energy level in check.

Finally, plan your party.

Ahead of time, decide where to meet your friends and family after you've successfully crossed the finish line. Think about what you'd like to eat for your big meal to refuel after you're done.

And if you are too tired or your legs are too weak to drive home, make sure to ask for a ride or arrange for other transportation.

If you feel severely dehydrated or have suffered an injury during the race, seek medical help right away.

(Adapted from Runner's World)

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