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Monday, January 16, 2017

3 Exercises for High Heel Lovers

Whether wearing stilettos, or up-to-the-sky boots, high heels may look great, but they can have painful consequences for your feet. High-heeled shoes can damage leg muscles, ankles, bones in your foot, and affect overall balance over time.

If high heels are on frequent rotation in your shoe repertoire, add these easy exercises to your regular workout to strengthen lower legs avoid chronic foot pain.

1. Seated calf stretch
Sit in a chair with legs extended and heels flat on the floor, then wrap a resistance band around the ball of your foot. Pull the band towards you while keeping the leg straight. Hold for 30 seconds, switch sides, then repeat three to five times.

2. Standing calf raises
Stand with legs hip-distance apart and rise onto the balls of your feet, then slowly lower back down. Aim for three sets of up to twenty reps.

3. Paper towel scrunches
Place a roll of paper towels on the ground, grip it with your foot, slowly roll it up and back while seated. Perform same exercise on each side five times.

Alternating between heels and flats throughout the week is also a good idea. When your foot is in a flat shoe, it can stretch and recover from the rigor of a heel.

If you experience any ankle or foot pain that is persistent or severe, please contact us for an appointment.

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