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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A FAST Procedure to Treat Tennis Elbow

The fancy name for tennis elbow is Lateral Epicondylitis and it refers to a condition that that results in the deterioration of tendon fibers (tendonitis) that attach to the bone on the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow strikes people that engage in activities that require repeated use of the forearm muscles: tennis, golf, racquet ball, or bowling. It can also affect painters, plumbers, auto workers and cooks because they also tend to overuse the forearm muscle. .
The FAST (focused aspiration of soft tissue) procedure, done under local anesthesia with ultrasound guidance, offers a minimally invasive approach to treating tennis elbow. Anyone who experiences tendinitis for more than three months is a good candidate for the treatment. Additionally, , anyone who has failed more conservative treatments like physical therapy or cortisone injections should consider the procedure.
At Texas Orthopedics, Dr. Michael Loeb has seen a lot of success with the FAST procedure.  And because it’s a quick procedure, requiring only about 15 minutes, it’s done while the patient is completely awake. Best of all…recovery is fast and easy. Most patients can return to work the next day.
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