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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tips for Keeping up Your Garden with Your Back and Knees in Tact

Spring has sprung so the time has come to break out the rake, put on some gloves and start the mower so that you can get your yard looking green again. But before you get started, we want to provide you some tips to help you avoid painful injuries while gardening and doing yard work. 
You might not realize it, but gardening and yard work can be quite a workout. You’re using a lot of upper body strength raking leaves; you’re squatting to pull weeds; you’re bending over to lift heavy objects; and the list goes on.

Minimize Risk of Injury:
The best way to make sure you can get your work done while enjoying yourself is to minimize your risk of injury. For example, try not to squat with your heels raised. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Or better yet, keep a stool handy and try to sit while doing things like pruning.
Another way to reduce injury is to maintain correct posture. Posture isn’t just about sitting. It’s also important during activity. Don’t bend at the waist to dig or rake; bend from the knees. This also applies to lifting heavy objects. Also, try to use a wheelbarrow or other tools whenever possible to keep the weight off your back.

Use these tips while working in the yard. Your back, knees and hopefully yard will thank you!
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