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Monday, July 7, 2014

Bad Posture at Work Leads to Bad Posture All the Time

New research shows that bad posture at work can lead to bad standing posture all the time... And good posture isn't just about looking more confident. It translates to reduced back and joint pain and even helps boost our mood.

Here's how to have the best posture: Experts say it's more than simply standing with our shoulders back. It's about maintaining good alignment with ears over the shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over the knees and ankles. And your body weight should be distributed evenly between the feet.

With most of us sitting at computers for many hours a day, seated posture is very important because it can also affect your posture while standing and walking. Medical professionals say think about your posture while you're walking, getting up out of a chair or even when you're using a cellphone or tablet.

And what about good posture improving your mood? It's long been known that depression leads to slouching, but new research shows the reverse is also true - slumped posture can spark negative emotions and thoughts.

So avoid unnecessary pain and improve your mood by doing what mom has said all along - sit up straight!

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