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Friday, February 19, 2010

2/18/10 - Team 4, Day 5

Update from Diana McKeon:

Saw little twin babies today- malnourished, poor little things are HIV positive. Don't know what their future will be. Saw another baby 8 months old with scabies and sores all over her feet ...and legs. So much more that I've seen. Not enough time/energy to even write it all down...

Picture 1: 5 story building
Picture 2: Dr. Smoot seeing a little boy with a crushed foot
Picture 3: This is a bottle I fashioned out of a water bottle and pacifier. I found a big bag of pacifiers. We had to cut it and tape it to fix.

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  1. God bless all of you for all the help you have given the Haiti people. We are sure your lives will never be the same.