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Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/6/10 Team 2, Day 8 (Travel Day)

3 procedures today before return to Austin:
-dressing change under anesthesia on a boy whose foot was amputated (not tolerating dressing changes awake)
-ORIF ankle fracture on a lady (above) who had been walking on her dislocated ankle since the earthquake
-and a reduction of a wrist fracture, dislocation.
An anesthesiologist and CRNA from Tennessee assisted in these cases as they had not been able to find work in town.
Team #3 is on their way to Mission of Hope!
Pictures (courtesy of Dr. Goldberg):
Picture #1: Team 2 says goodbye to the OR. This was previously a lab in the Mission of Hope clinic that was broken apart after the earthquake. Team 1 spent 5 hours cleaning it up and creating a sterile OR - one of the only sterile facilities near Port-au-Prince.
Picture #2: Ankle ORIF

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