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Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/24/10 - Team 5, Day 3

Update from Alicia Michalz, CST:

Today was HOT! Today was a busy for everyone. Seven cases today in the OR and plenty of woundcare too. There were 14 patients in the ward including a sweet 4 year old named Job. He has an allergy to the sun and has been very ill. He just came from the US Comfort. He lost one of his eyes to the condition. I was in the ward speaking to Amy and he walked by and swatted my backside and then ran off laughing! The supplies just keep coming and Elena and I thought we were going to lose it. But we regrouped and left with a smile. The orphans are great they are constantly finding supplies and playing with them. Today they made capes from U drapes and one had a special necklace he made. It was a foley catheter! They are so creative and easily pleased. A couple of docs and paramedics made it into town. Some bargins were made and patients secured for tomorrow at least 8 cases posted. So as you see we are still succeeding. Each day is a gift and we all haves been blessed in way or another .

Pictures provided by Rachel Feeler
Picture 1: This is Amy, RN with Rachele who has been here for a while. Amy and I taught her how to do pin care today and she was very excited to do it herself and make the pin sites clean. She did an excellent job and was transferred today to CAM down the road.

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