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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poems written by a Team 2 nurse

These poems were written by one of the nurses on Team 2.

Your coastline is lovely. Many ships on your shore.
The sun is now abruptly telling of its lore.
Violence in the mercy is all within your bounds
and yet your heart is vibrant from within it deeply pounds.
Tragedy befalls you and suffering your best friend.
The deepest reach of injustice seemingly with you till the end.
In all this sheer madness, Haiti, you know one thing,
my thoughts and my deepest prayers to the Father I do bring.

I am humbled,
Many walls have crumbled
Yet You remain.
These are people who are shattered,
Hopes now battered,
Yet You remain.
In this hour of weakness,
Please do not refrain,
Bring forth Your power of healing because
You will remain.

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