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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4/5/10 - Team 11, Day 4

Update from Jennifer Kinman:

Ward has 15 patients in house. 3 are pre-op rest waiting for surgery. Dr. Adams doesn't think we can take any more patients this least not until we get through these cases. 4 tough ortho cases today. "Broken man" (he was the bilateral upper extremitiy fractures, external fixators on his lower extremities, and critically low blood count) was transferred to Miami in error. He will come here tomorrow. 4 cases posted already some from today and some teed up by Rosie (Ortho Resident from team 11) and stayed at CAM (clinic down the road from MOH). 2 patients came for prosthetics clinic today. Lovely transhumeral that we have blogged about before and Malene a below the knee amputation. Both very sweet women. Brad Johnson(owner and operator of MOH) is back & thrilled about the lab. We cleaned it up really well and Chase Brown, prothetists, started on Malene's leg. She will come back Wednesday & stay until Friday.

I got to drive the ambulance today as we went up & down the hill for supplies. I also visited the circus tent. What a disaster. Tomorrow Sever, Max & I will tour ALL of the supply nooks & crannies. Dr. Hong saw a patient in clinic with nausea & vomiting...ultrasounded her & she is pregnant. He was so excited to have ultrasound & eager for the tech from Canada to set up the protocols.

Big case today was an employee of Brad & Vanessa in a bad motorcycle accident on her way to work. I dont have the specific injuries, I think mid femur & tibia fracture, but need to confirm. Powerful for Dr. Cheryl & Vanessa to pray over this woman who is a huge part of their families. Most cases we are doing are a result of the earthquake...needing external fixators removed & better fixation. 120 pts seen in clinic today. Lots of the same stuff..malaria, scabies, diarrhea. Wound care very busy & she is placing some vacs this week...please to to find someone...also talking more with Cheryl tomorrow at LEAP...they will probably be able to cover that need.

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