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Friday, April 2, 2010

Team 11 making their way to Haiti

This is a big Haiti Team, maybe our biggest yet. Here is the list of names and specialites who are traveling down today and tomorrow. Our prosthetics lab and clinic will open on Monday.

Orthopedic surgeon: Bradley Adams, DO, Austin: Texas Ortho
Orthopedic surgeon: Michael Chardack, MD, Trauma center, Salt Lake City, UT
Anesthesia: Aaron Ali, MD, Austin: Capital Anesthesia
Family Practice: Dr. John Morrow, Austin: ARC
Rehab/wound care: Dr. Jean Deleon, Dallas: Baylor

OR RN: Diana Adams, RN, Austin: NW Surg Center
ER RN: Jean Nations, RN, Austin: SNW
Wound/Rehab RN: Adora Lucius, RN, Dallas: Baylor
Pedi RN Elizabeth Stephens, Austin: Dell Children’s

Prosthetist: Chase Brown, San Antonio: MK Prosthetics & Orthotics
Prosthetist: Mark Kirchner, San Antonio: MK Prosthetics & Orthotics

Journalist: Seema Mathur, Austin
Photographer: Vance Holmes, Austin

Paramedic 1: Curtis Rhodes , Oklahoma (2nd trip to MOH)

Supply/Aid: Max Chardack

Prosthetics Admin: Jennifer Kinman, Austin: Texas Ortho

We have the privilege of having 3 of our Austin Medical Relief for Haiti leadership doctors joining us for the weekend, helping kick off the prosthetics week among other tasks!

Orthopedic surgeon: Tim Gueramy, MD, Austin: Medical Park Ortho
FP: Tracey Haas, DO, Austin: ARC
Anesthesia: Will Curtis, MD, Austin: Austin Anesthesia

Our team will be joined on the ground by medical staff with Mercy Ships:

Radiologist serving in general medicine capacity: Kuhn Hong, MD-Mercy Ships
ER RN: Kelly Belley, RN
ICU RN: Debbie Coons, RN
med/surg RN: Beth Studenroth, RN
med/surg RN: Joyce Wright, RN
Paramedic: Brenda Sine
PT: Helen Day

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