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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Team 10 update/Smider & Job update

Update from Ann Soo, MD:

These clinic days are busy. Lot of patients getting IVF's. Seeing typhoid, malaria, GI and respiratory bugs, headaches, asthma, HTN off meds, STD's, newly diagnosed HIV and suspected Tb. All the pregnant patients I've seen have not had any prenatal care at all and many patients have never seen a doctor before. The Haitian people are resilient, grateful and proud. Many come into the clinic nicely dressed just to see us. For the majority of them, Mission of Hope is their only chance to receive much needed care and medications. Praise God for his ongoing compassion and love.
We had a chance to visit a homeless shelter and an orphanage outside of Mission of Hope yesterday. The living conditions at the homeless shelter was atrocious. The kids in the orphanages are living in tents. They appeared somewhat happy playing with each other and did not appear emaciated. Today after clinic, some of us went to Port au Prince on a tour. There is so much devastation and work to be done. Tent cities everywhere. Poverty and chaos. Much more help and many more prayers are needed for Haiti.
Team 10 is great - the doctors, nurses, PT's and paramedics. We just work so well together. It's wonderful to be around each other and supporting each other. It's amazing to see how God selects people with different skills, backgrounds and experiences and places them together to serve. Many have been on numerous medical mission trips before and their stories are truly inspiring!

Update on Job and Smider from Ashely Hurt:

I saw both boys today and they look wonderful. Such improvements in a day and a half. Smider has gained almost and ounce and a half in one day. he was 6lbs 7oz when he arrived. He had his first encounter with a mirror and have a full on coversation with himself. So cute! He's rolling over from back to belly and very alert and active. All boy.

Job went and had his eye cleaned out and repacked today. While sedated they cleaned his teeth and he has a gorgeous white smile! They must have also cleaned off a lot of his scabs cause he was looking much more handsome. They did a scrapping of his good eye and found two infections. No wonder the grafts didn't take. He's on heavy duty anitbiotics and they suspect a full recovery. He marvels at all the lights and surroundings here in America. He such a sweet boy. I'll be sitting with him tomorrow for a couple hours till lunch time. I'll have more pictures of the boys then.

Picture #1: Smider
Picture #2: Job at Dell Childrens

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