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Monday, April 5, 2010

Team 10 Final Update

Update from Ann Soo, MD:

Today is Good Friday and the clinic is closed. We spent the day moving out medical supplies from the school to the tent barn and hoop barn to help prepare the school to re-open. It was physically exhausting, however it had been raining recently and so the weather is cooler. It was as if God knew we needed some relief from the heat. Re-opening the school is vital in Haiti. Education is the best way for Haiti to break their poverty cycle. Mission of Hope schools 1200 children and education is their best hope for a better life.

There is a a rugged road that leads from Port au Prince to Mission of Hope. Along the road, there is a mass burial ground where more than 200,000 bodies are buried. Near the top of the burial site, a large cross has been built. If you stand near the cross and turn around, there is a a beautiful sweeping scenic view of the beach. It is quite eerie when you first walk on the site but in a strange way peaceful.

Sometimes I wonder why great tragedies happen in life. The earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan 12th brought devastation on top of a country that was already struggling. The people of Haiti need love, compassion and hope during their season of suffering. If you feel led to come here, this experience will stretch your faith and deepen your compassion. As we celebrate Easter this weekend, just remember God can do amazing things from tragedy – just look what He did at Calvary.

PS- Ortho clinic needs C-arm paper, pediatric crutches, and emla cream.

Medical clinic would like IV Zofran, IV benadryl, muscle relaxants (SOMA, flexeril, or robaxin), migraine medications (imitrex, relpax, or zomig), azithromycin, otoscopes with extra ear speculums, and Elimite for scabies.

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