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Monday, April 12, 2010

Team 12 in Haiti

Orthopedic surgeon: Frederic H. Pollock, MD (Charleston WV)
Family Practice: Myron Rosen, MD (Baylor, Dallas TX)

Joan Vega, RN (Scott and White Austin, TX)

Julie Manning RN (Austin TX)

Paramedic: Curtis Rhodes (Oklahoma)

Paramedic: Evalina Kadic (Canada, Halton EMS)

Paramedic: Ron Sonada (Canada, Halton EMS)
Supply/Med Student: Gabriel Pollock (Charleston WV)

PT: Helen Day (UK, Mercy Ships)

Prosthetist: Paul Morton

They will be joined by medical staff from Fallsview Church and Chapel Group.

Picture: Dr. Fred using a glove as an incentive spirometer on "Broken Man" in the ward

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