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Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/31/2010 - Team 2 - Day 2


Today started with 5 helicopters dropping off 10 patients and 5 surgeries on the schedule. Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Crawford performed all 5 surgeries together which took about 12 hrs. These are not the types of "typical" surgeries these doctors do these days, and to do them with less than prime equipment and resources is more than challenging. Dr. Goldberg told his team before they left that on this trip they would have to "think outside the box" and they are!!

One patient died today leaving behind a child who's mother was also killed in the quake. An all too common story. He had a tibia fracture and had been in the hospital when they arrived and developed a clot today and died. All of the team were hit hard by the reality of this.

They have 16 patients currently in hospital and 12 need surgery. Tomorrow will be busy also. One of the patients on the schedule is a ballerina! Dr. Crawford may have to do many of the cases alone while Dr. Goldberg heads to do some negotiations with other facilities to get some patients moved to places that will better serve their needs, freeing up space to bring in more surgical patients.

Dr. Goldberg says his team is "amazing and have worked like workhorses!!" They are exhausted and hoping to get tons of sleep tonight (last night only about 1hr).

Several patient examples treated today:
- long leg cast on a child with a tibia fracture
- adjustment of a ex-fix on a child
- a retro femur nail on a 3 week old wound (done without any implant or correct instruments)
- shoulder amputation


Picture #1: Helicopter delivering a patient (courtesy of Bob King, Hill Country Bible Church)
Picture #2: Team 2 "tent city"
Picture #3: Hospital #3 from the outside
(last two pictures from Dr. Goldberg)

Dr. Goldberg asks for prayer for 3 things tonight:

1) more of their medical equipment arrives specifically nails,ex fix's, and small frag screws
2) strength and energy for the team
3) ability to make good contacts tomorrow to get patients moved to the right places


  1. Jehona and Team,
    Thank you all for the work that you are doing. Please be reassured in knowing that people all across the US are praying for you! You are in my thoughts constantly. Thank you for the update.
    Uncountable blessings,

  2. Team 2, the prayers of Prescott, AZ are with you, may your needs be met. Stay strong and know you have our support. Love to you JW! Aunt Teff