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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update from Dr. Gueramy

Dr. Tracey Haas just talked with her husband for the first time since he arrived in Haiti! Here's the update:

Sounds like today was slightly less crazy than yesterday - they operated late into the night last night, and then post-op kept them quite busy overnight.

Tim says they have one of the cleanest and most functional OR's in Haiti at the moment - so kudos to all who have put it into action!

They are most in need of x-ray at the moment.

I'm told they do need a microscope and supplies, like slides and field stain to go with it; any lab supplies that they can get their hands on would be welcome - yes to UA's, CBC's and any type of chemistry eval. They hope to turn the mission's clinic into a fully-functional hospital.. sounds like they're well on their way!

Tim says the Navy may be flying some patients to them tomorrow (if they can find a place to land!) as they have good OR's and ability to sterilize (unlike other OR's). Although the autoclave works well, they need a bigger one, or greater capacity for cleaning instruments. Tim says right now they have a surplus of surgical instruments, and really don't need any more sent at this time.

As far as anesthesia- they are doing well with spinals for the time being.

They are using an older ekg machine now, but are only able to take "snap-shots" so, as able, would love to have another ekg machine that is able to print out a full strip or 12 lead...

They had a patient seize during childbirth last night (eclampsia), and they were able to send her to the main hospital for an emergency c-section; mother and baby did well - so that's good news! I'm told they are not requesting any additional OB/gyn supplies at this time.

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