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Thursday, January 28, 2010

End of Day 4 Update

1240- The 31 pallets of supplies have arrived and are being loaded into trucks to be taken to MOH.

Today our team members have been in town helping at the general clinic. They plan to go into town tomorrow to help at the main hospitals and clinics in town.

Team #2 has been mobilized and is scheduled to depart for a week trip to Haiti this Sat. It is a smaller team than the original (13). Please pray for them and their families as they clear schedules and make preparations.

Per Bob King, Hill Country Bible Church pastor on the ground: "Dr. Scott Smith from Texas Ortho Group is hilarious, he is using his iPhone to entertain the kids in the village. He's becoming a superstar!" Rock on Dr Smith! ;)
"HCBC family, hospitals, and others...thank you for all the medical equipment that ya'll sent down! It was an awesome site..God used ya!"

Flight Info:
Team Members below are on their way home and have touched down in Florida. They will depart FL at 0615, stop at Houston, then arrive in Austin around 1015ish. Please pray for them. It'll be a long night and I know they're ready to be home:
Paul Lee
John Josephs
Matt Bush
Tom Schott
Van Garman
Scott Smith
Serena Green

Team Members remaining till Sat:
Joel Hurt
Tim Gueramy
Will Curtis
Michael Loeb
Lindsey Griffin
Jenny Husband
Craig Laurents
Tim Marvin
Kurt Neale
Chris Berry
Jim Walton

Pictures: (All courtesy of Bob King)
Pic 1: God answers another prayer and uses a dude with a Texas t-shirt! The food and medical supplies from the Austin church and medical community arrived tonight!

Pic 2: This is their industry of food trying to re-start...unfortunately, the smell is pretty rough.
Pic 3: One of the saddest images is this mass burial site about 3 miles from Mission of Hope...80,000 bodies. 24 hours a day operation.
Pic 4: Dr. Scott Smith following up on one of his patients with a dual pelvic fracture and dislocation over SI joint.

Pic 5: Here's her xray...she's 1 tough girl. She has been dealing with this for 2 weeks untreated--wow!

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