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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Team 2 is on the way to Haiti!

The second Austin team is on their way to Haiti via the Dominican Republic this morning. Team 2 members include:

Tyler Goldberg, MD - orthopedic surgeon - Texas Orthopedics
Matt Crawford, DO - orthopedic surgeon - Westlake Orthopaedics
Meghal Mehta, MD - ER doctor - Emergency Service Partners - Seton Hospitals
Ellen Hatridge, MD - anesthesiologist - Austin Anesthesiology Group
Mahalia Smith, MD – internal medicine, wound care specialist -Houston, TX
Robert Knox, RN – Texas Orthopedics, surgical nurse
Amy Romer, RN - PICU, ER nurse
Kelly Harris, RN – ER nurse, member of Hill Country Bible Church
Jan Walters, RN – Austin Pain Associates/Stonegate Surgery Center
Tim Reese, RN – retired Army officer, VA clinic, Cedar Park
Sharon Depmore, LVN – Texas Orthopedics
Chris McAteer, CST – Austin Pain Associates/Stonegate Surgery Center
Jehona Tafilaj, CST – Brackenridge weekend trauma team

A huge thanks to Dr. Robert Wills, Austin Pain Associates for guidance in developing this team!

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