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Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of Day 5 Update

7 patients were transferred from General Hospital.

6 wound vacs are on their way with Team 2, a very generous donation from KCI of San Antonio! These will be critical to the healing of the complex wounds we are treating at MOH.

The Army is now flying patients to MOH on helicopters. Our team was really busy today! Multiple orthopedic cases. Ankles, forearms, distal femur fractures, a femur tib/fib fracture. Our team did one of the first ORIFs (open reduction internal fixation) in the country today, we are reportedly one of the only hospitals that can do these!!

As Mission of Hope's Hospital #3 continues to gear up to receive more patients, the need for diagnostic & more surgical equipment is becoming urgent. An anesthesia machine is necessary to administer general anesthesia. More orthopedic fixation equipment is urgently needed, external fixators, plates, screws.

Jeff Vichek, the brother of a Texas Orthopedics employee, worked with administration at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to donate a mini c-arm. This is a huge donation, MOH will be the only hospital in Haiti to have a c-arm, something critical to orthopedic cases!! The c-arm will be shipped directly to MOH next week.

Bob King updates:
"Texas Ortho group just showed off again last night...they did the 1st hand reconnection surgery since the earthquake on a 16 year old girl!" Way to go Dr. Loeb!

7 members of Team 1 landed in Austin Friday, 3 left mid-day with a Baylor group, flying from PAP to FL and catching commercial airlines home (Dr. Loeb was in this group) and the final 8 will fly home Saturday on the plane that is taking Team 2 to the Dominican Republic. As of the time of this post, they are at the airport! A van from Hill Country Bible Church will meed them in Ft. Worth to bring those that reside in Austin home. (Dr. Hurt, Dr. Gueramy, Dr. Curtis, Lindsey Griffin, Jenny Husband, Craig Laurents, and Tim Marvin from Austin will be in this group).

Pic 1: Dr. Hurt and Dr. Gueramy doing an ankle in the OR

Pic 2: A sign right outside a collapsed house..many folks did this in hopes that people would help them unbury their fam


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