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Friday, January 29, 2010

Early Day 5 Update

Update from Dr. Hurt early this morning:

They received a call from General Hospital today to transfer 7 patients. They will receive a paraplegic boy, several infected wounds, patients with fractures, and a woman that was trapped in rubble for so many days that she has decubitus ulcers. In our donations, we have decubitis beds and have a unique way of caring for this patient.

Dr. Hurt emphasized the safety and cleanliness of Hospital #3 compared to some other facilities. They spent a lot of time yesterday and will do more so today preparing to staff an inpatient facility long-term, determining nursing ratios and night shift functions. They anticipate being able to accomodate a 14 day length of stay for their patients and have converted the school into an inpatient ward.

They have several patients with wounds so deep that you can see bones. They have an urgent need for a wound vac to care for these patients, they will have a long road to recovery but he is confident that the sterile conditions at Hospital #3 will be able to successfully treat these patients.

The had a flyover yesterday from the Army looking at the Mission and landing conditions, they are hopeful that MOH can be a resource for Army transport patients.

As Mission of Hope's Hospital #3 continues to gear up to receive more patients, the need for diagnostic equipment is becoming urgent. Radiology equipment is lacking, there is a c-arm on the way. Laboratory equipment and supplies will continue to be a need, thanks to the generosity of a couple of facilities, we are sending a couple of microscopes and a few supplies with Team #2.

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